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Health Insurance

You never quite know when an accident is going to happen or when a serious ailment is going to arise with you or one of your family members. For that reason, it's in your best interest to have insurance just in case because medical expenses can get costly quickly. Not to mention, health insurance is now required by law and will prevent you from receiving a fine.

Health insurance covers doctor appointments but may require you to pay a co-payment for each visit. You'll be covered in the event of sickness appointments as well at least one wellness visit per year. Hospitalization is also part of health insurance policies and will cover visits to the hospital. Each policy varies based on the out-of-pocket expenses for ER visits and how long it covers for you to be in the hospital.

Medical procedures and diagnostic testing is covered as well, sometimes only a portion of it though. Care from a specialist may be included too, but this will differ from policy to policy as to which specialists are covered. If you have any specific medical conditions that require treatment from someone other than a PC, please include this information when requesting a quote.

You may add on a prescription plan that covers prescription medications. There are restrictions, so make sure you read carefully when choosing. Oftentimes, you'll only need to pay a small amount per prescription, and this value is different for different drugs and for different policies.

Dental and eye care is available, but these don't come standard with your policy. You must add them on in addition to your policy or a la carte. For more information regarding health insurance in California, contact Weber Insurance & Financial Services, LLC. Receive a free quote or talk to health insurance specialist about your particular needs.

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